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Using Canva for Your Small Business

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If you are on social media, you’d know how important visual content is. In today’s digital age, visuals actually weigh as much as text (or maybe even more) and it’s something that you need to put your efforts in.

Effective Writing: How to Write an Irresistible Headline

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Most, if not all, of the content you create for your blog, is based on your writing. You are not limited to the format of a traditional written blog post, though, because even things like audio and video will often need some writing beforehand. This is why effective writing should be practiced at all times. So how do you do that?

9 Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Small Business

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Are you still having doubts about whether video marketing is for your business? If you haven’t read our article about Why Small Businesses Should Use Video Marketing, we have another treat for you. In this article today, we are going to share with you the many benefits of video marketing.

Where to Get Inspiration for New Content: Here are 5 Good Suggestions to Consider

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When you’re in the content making side of your industry, you’ll have those dry days. Meaning, you’ll have days when your creative side just won’t work and you’re just staring at a blank page not having any idea what to put in it. When you feel like your creative juices are in hiding, there are a number of things you can do to urge it out.

12 Gift Ideas for The Small Business Owners

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The holidays are coming are you done with your Christmas shopping or are you one of those people who do things at the last minute? Whether you’ve done all the gift-wrapping or are yet to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, we’ve curated a list of gift ideas for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers in your life!

7 Benefits of Digital Marketing For Your Business

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It’s not a question that with today’s digital age, we all face our screens almost all the time every day. And with this, the world of marketing evolved to get on with the times. Digital marketing has become larger than ever as more and more consumers turn to researching and buying products online. Here are seven (7) benefits of digital marketing for your business you need to know if you didn’t yet.

All About Influencer Marketing

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Due to the large influx of both big and small businesses coming into the online world, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for brands to get attention on the internet. This has made consumers doubt the brands that self-promotes. New digital marketing strategies have been planned and created, and one of these is influencer marketing.

Why Video Content Matters to Marketing: Here are 9 Important Benefits

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Content marketing is a strategy effective in building brand awareness and reaching your target audience. One form of content marketing that has been gaining traction for years now is video marketing and for today’s post, we will be talking about why video content matters to your marketing strategy.