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9 Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Small Business

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9 Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Small Business

Are you still having doubts about whether video marketing is for your business? If you haven’t read our article about Why Small Businesses Should Use Video Marketing, we have another treat for you. In this article today, we are going to share with you the many benefits of video marketing.

Probably the most useful tactic to incorporate in your marketing strategy is to personalize your brand and to do that, you have to tell your brand’s story. Storytelling is an effective way to get your message across to your audience and invoke an emotional response from them. Emotions are important as they influence trust and perception. And videos are the fastest and the most effective way to make this action possible. Because videos play to your visual appetite, they can effectively convey your message and information to viewers, and easily make them understand complex concepts. 

Video marketing has become a huge part of the digital marketing scene today and it will continue to do so in the future. Whether you own a small or big business, here are 9 benefits of video marketing.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Get your Brand Noticed

Using videos is a great way to build and improve your brand awareness. Well-made videos will help you get your brand noticed and will catapult your business to the top. This will make you an authority in the industry and position yourself as a thought leader in your field.


Video Builds Trust and Credibility

Video is an incredible medium because of its power to present things in a different light. You get to convey emotions that will appeal to your customers and in this way, create a personality for your brand and company. Through videos, you will be able to connect with your viewers and get their trust.

Videos help educate the audience about your product or service and this will inform your potential customers more about your company and what you do. Trust is essential to make sales today and building trust is one of the benefits of video marketing.


Influence Customer’s Buying Decisions

About 90% of online customers have said that watching a video about a product or service helps them in deciding if they are completing their purchase or not. Videos are great because they influence customer’s buying decisions and about 64% of these consumers said that watching a video makes them more likely to buy.


Boost Your Organic Search Rankings

By having videos, your website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) is improved and boosted.

Google takes note of how long a visitor spends on your page and this influences how you appear in the SERPs. As videos are highly engaging, they will keep your audience longer on your site. Businesses that use video marketing effectively will more likely help boost their site’s search rankings.

Moreover, Youtube is the second-largest search engine next to its owner Google, and putting your video here can rack up your visibility and reach for a new audience. 


Increase Website Traffic

People love videos and businesses that use videos on their site get more traffic on their website than those who do not.


Encourages Social Shares

When something goes viral, it’s always in a video format. And how does a post become viral? It’s when people share them with others.

Videos are shareable and very engaging, and when people enjoyed your video, they will more likely share them with their friends and family.


Engage Customers on Social Media

Whichever platform you’re on, whether it’s Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook, you can easily share your message via videos.

Today, social media is overrun with video content and continues to have more because people respond and engage to this type of format more than just the generic text and image. Facebook alone has a staggering 100 million hours of video watched. (source)

Creating stunning video content to share across your pages will likely gain you more audience.


Increase Conversions and Improve Sales

Videos are made to convince the audience and convert them into actual customers, and this is probably one of the biggest benefits of video marketing.


A Great Addition to your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still very much alive today and to spice it up, you can add videos in it to increase the engagement with your subscribers. Having videos in your emails can increase your open rates and can likely decrease your unsubscribe rates. Videos are just really easier to watch rather than having to read a long text, right? 


Video marketing is becoming popular by the second and has become more affordable than before. With a variety of platforms that you can choose from, there will certainly be a perfect fit for your business. And with the benefits that come with it, video marketing is a strategy most marketers have found effective and worth investing in.

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