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Conversations on Social Media

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Conversations on Social Media

How do you craft your responses to mentions and replies on your social media that will encourage positive engagements and minimize conflict from your audience? Today’s post will be all about that – conversations on social media. When you interact with your followers, particularly when you’re answering their queries or handling their complaints, you will need to develop skills beyond the copywriting tips we tackled in the previous posts. You will need to have customer service skills in this matter.

Here are two tips we want to share with you to make your conversations on social media successful.



If your brand receives a lot of similar questions and responses from your followers, it can be very tempting to reply to all of them the same way to save time and effort. This is okay, but the problem is that it’s really obvious to everyone looking at your feed and it will make you look insincere. Sometimes, people might even assume that you are using automated bots and that there’s no human being behind your socials. The challenge of having to start from scratch every time is that it will consume a lot of your time and it will very likely have more typos, and sometimes you’re at risk of going off-message especially when you are handling complaints.

One tried and tested solution for this is to keep your replies varied while also making them free from errors and making your replies quick.

Here’s an example of what a brand might send regularly for queries or complaints: 

Send us a DM with your six-digit order number and we’ll look into it.

And here are some variation: 

  • Drop us a DM with your six-digit order number and we’ll look into it.
  • We’ll look into this for you. Just DM us your six-digit order number.
  • DM us with your six-digit order number and we’ll investigate.
  • Do you have a six-digit order number? Please DM it to us and we’ll investigate.
  • Let us look into this. Please send us your six-digit order number by DM.

You can slightly vary the wording of your message while keeping the meaning the same. Take advantage of the internet and use an online thesaurus for help. Once you get the hang of the process, it will become easier to do and you’ll become quicker at it.


Conversations on Social Media


When you have your alternatives, you can pick and choose from them for your replies. Your variations can have more or less formal versions of the same message and you can just pick one that best matches the style used by your customer. 

This is a quick and easy way to make your reply less robotic and more tailored. Another tip is to address your customers by their name. It’s a nice personal touch to include their name on your message and you can use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ or adding your first name or initials at the end of your message to make it more personalized.

Example: Hi Kathy, send me a DM with your six-digit order number and I’ll look into it. – Renee

These personal touches, no matter how small, reminds the customer you’re interacting with that you are human because sometimes people forget that businesses are also run by other people when they’re talking to them on social media.



JetBlue is an award-winning airline that’s recognized for its excellent customer service on social media. Every day, they receive thousands of DMs or mentions on their Twitter account, but despite this overflow, they still managed to respond to their customers with conversations that feel natural and organic. They are always on the lookout for opportunities to add value and connect with their audience, not just to respond to every tweet that comes their way.

Browse through JetBlue’s Twitter replies feed to get inspiration on how they interact with their customers efficiently and effectively. 


Responding to messages, comments, and tweets on social media, it’s important to take hold and improve your customer service skills. These interactions are as much about customer service as it is about copywriting. Vary your replies, add some personal touches, and learn tactics from successful brands to save yourself some writing time and to make your conversations on social media more effective.

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