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Copywriting for Facebook

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Copywriting for Facebook

To continue with our copywriting series this week, we are going to talk about copywriting for Facebook. In this post, you will learn three techniques that will make your Facebook posts more attention-grabbing than before. These techniques will help your posts stand out from others and this can also be applicable on your other social platforms.


Facebook Fact File:

Audience: 40+, less web-savvy

The average Facebook user is relatively older compared to other social media platforms, and these users are likely to be less web-savvy. This is an important thing to bear in mind when writing for Facebook.

Post Length: 40-80 characters

Did you know that Facebook users have the lowest attention span? When it comes to engagement, posts that perform the best are those with only 40-80 characters in them.

Hashtag: 1 per post

On Facebook, hashtags are not a big deal. You can use them if you want to but just use one per post. 


Copywriting for Facebook


Another important thing to remember about Facebook is it does not like you linking out to content that’s outside the platform. The algorithm is still a mystery but unless you pay for an ad on a post that includes an outbound link, your post will be less likely seen by your followers compared to a post that includes an inbound link.

Now that you’re aware that Facebook users have short attention spans, you really need your posts to stand out if you want to make an impression. Let’s explore some ways to do just that.

It’s tough enough to grab your audience’s attention but if you want them to read your post, it’s important that you put these practices into action.


Capitalize First Letters

Knowing that the best performing Facebook posts are only between 40-80 characters, it’s would be easiest and more helpful to write them as headlines. They have a similar job to do and are about the same length. Headlines are designed to grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to read the content more, this is also what we want to achieve for our post.

With that said, headlines are usually written in title case when the main words are capitalized. This technique can be effective for social posts as well because sentences written in title case are more attention-grabbing than those written in sentence case.

Tool: Title Case Converter

This tool is a great help in converting your text into a title case no matter how it was previously written. It’s quick and accurate, a handy tool that you can bookmark that can make your writing life easier.

PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. Please, just don’t. Don’t use all caps on your posts. Capitalizing your texts makes you look shouty and desperate. And this will discourage your readers to ignore your post rather than engage in them.


Use Magic Numbers

What’s a magic number? Well, any number used in a short is magic. Human beings, for some reason, are naturally drawn to numbers. Including one or two in your copy is an easy and cheap way to boost its engagement. Just a little reminder though, you need to write the numbers in numerals rather than words. Talk about hitting birds with one stone, you get to improve your post’s engagement and keep your character count down. It’s a win-win!


Get Personal

The last technique is inspired by Sprout Social. They are a company that helps people connect with customers on social media, so they really know what they are doing. 

The majority of Sprout Social’s posts take the reader to their starting point, to their why’s. They mostly don’t talk about themselves or their company or their customers generally. They make a very clear stand on what their concept means for their users and why they should engage in their posts. Making your posts more personal will humanize your brand and this will make it relatable to your readers. 


An important tip when copywriting for Facebook is to make your posts as attention-grabbing as you can so they will make an impact. The three straightforward tips shared above can make your posts stand out. Master making your posts into headlines by using a title case, tap into the power of magic numbers, and make your posts personal and all about the readers.


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