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7 Ways to Find Motivation When You Feel Stuck

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7 Ways to Find Motivation When You Feel Stuck

Are you demotivated to work and do the things you’re supposed to do? Have you been feeling listless for some time? Are you having difficulties in waking up every morning knowing that you’re going to do the same routine as yesterday? Do you want to find motivation as soon as possible?

I know the struggle. Due to this pandemic, we’ve all been stuck at home for months, and we’re still getting used to it. Maybe the lock-down has been eased down in your area, but society has not yet come back to full functionality. We are looking at a possible future where the new normal is people wearing face masks and gloves when going outside. Maybe things have been difficult for you, and during these times, it’s been tough for you to find motivation. Don’t worry, it’s only a temporary setback.

Many of us are stuck in a rut, and maybe you’re desperate enough to get out of there that you’ve stumbled upon our humble website. Well, my dear, you’re in luck. We may have something to help you find the motivation you been longing to have.

7 Ways to Find Motivation When You Feel Stuck

Here are some ways how to find motivation when you are stuck in a rut:

Check Your Goals

Get a pen and a piece of paper. Sit down and ask yourself this: What do you want to achieve in the next 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? Write down ALL your answers in your piece of paper. When you’re done writing, go over your list and check if your goals are realistic.

Now, assess your life if you’ve been doing the things that will get you closer to your goals.

Here’s the hard part to swallow: If the actions toward those goals bore you, doesn’t inspire you, or makes you procrastinate, then maybe you have the wrong set of goals. Maybe your priorities have changed. And maybe, it’s time to change your goals as well.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your goals can be as simple as finishing a book by the end of the month or saving up a certain amount of money by the end of the year. Or it can be as ambitious as growing your small business twice by the next 6 months or getting to travel to 5 countries in a year. With the right mindset and attitude towards what you want to achieve, you will surely get to your feet and start doing what you need to do to reach your dreams.

Break down your goals into smaller steps

Big goals can be intimidating to look at, especially if you just see the endpoint. You’ll become overwhelmed and will be prone to giving up easily. The solution to persevere with reaching your goals is to break them down into simpler steps. Divide your goals into smaller milestones and you’ll be surprised as you notice the progress you’ll be making.

Breaking down your goals will also help you make adjustments whenever necessary. You can change the things that aren’t working for you anymore, and add up things that do.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is a rabbit hole, and once you’ve fallen into the pit, you will have a hard time getting back up. We have to remember that every person has a different set of skills, a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Now, if you compare your work to someone else’s, it’s like you are comparing apples to oranges. Of course, there will be differences!

We tend to be harder on ourselves so the chances of winning these comparison contests are slim to none. This will not only create an inferiority complex when someone else’s output is greater than yours, but it will also hinder you from appreciating the good things you can do because you are only focusing on the negative things.

The best thing to do here is maybe just to compare your present self from your past self. This will be a healthier option because you can surely have a clear indication of your progress.

Embrace slow progress

Progress is still progress, no matter how slow it is – as long as you are going in the right direction. If this is how you move, embrace it. There’s no need to hasten. Slow and steady does it.

Be around people who make you feel good

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Be with people who make you want to pursue your goals and to just do better in general. Sometimes, all we need are encouraging words to help keep us going.

Celebrate your successes (however small they are)

Did you finish the book you intended to finish by the end of the week? Hit the target number of followers you’ve been aiming to have since last month? Did you manage to finish the essay you’ve been stuck on writing since this morning? Congratulate yourself on a job well done! Big successes start will small ones. Hitting your smaller milestones is an indication that you are getting closer to hitting your big ones so, of course, it’s a valid reason to celebrate! Give yourself a pat in the back for persevering and for doing your best!

Lighten up!

Don’t take everything too seriously. Yes, I’m serious. Smile, lighten up a little bit. After all, c’est la vie! And it’s the only one you’re gonna have. A bad day does not equate to a bad life. You may have had a bad day today but that’s why there’s always a tomorrow, right? So you can try again and do better.

Let yourself go through the ups and downs because this is how you can truly appreciate and savor the moment when you finally get to reach that goal of yours.

When you feel demotivated, just know that you are not a failure. This happens to all of us, and you are going to find inspiration again to resume living your life. If you are stuck in a rut, take a break and loosen up. You got this!

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