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Where to Find Motivation and Inspiration When You’re Stuck

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Where to Find Motivation and Inspiration When You’re Stuck

It’s normal to find yourself unmotivated and uninspired sometimes. Slumps happen to everyone and you don’t have to be too hard on yourself when you just can’t seem to pull yourself together. When this happens to you, don’t fret because there are ways to find motivation and inspiration to get you back on your feet and running and hustling again like before. We got you.


How To Find Motivation


Revisit your ‘Why’.

When you find yourself listless and uninspired to do the things you need to do, one thing that always perks me up is by thinking about my ‘whys’. It’s a simple gesture yet it’s something that we always neglect when we become too busy and preoccupied with life.

In this fast-paced world, we are always on the go. We hustle hard and we get as many things done as we possibly can. We are always racing with time but when a moment of demotivation hits us, we feel like we’re not worthy to even slow down for just a little bit. If you are that kind of person, this is the sign you’re looking for. It’s okay to slow down and rest for a bit.

When you lack the motivation to do your work, reach your goals, or even do your passion, it’s the perfect time to revisit the reasons why you are doing them in the first place.


List down things that make you smile.

An effective way to keep yourself motivated is by having a list of things that make you smile. Take a moment to jot down the things that brought you joy and the moments that made you excited.

Do this daily to keep your list running with things that made you happy. Do you feel excited when you finish up work and go home to make dinner for your family? Does it make you smile when you saw a rainbow in the sky? Have you read something funny on the internet that brightened up your day? No matter how small or silly or irrelevant you think that thing is, if it made you happy, list it down. We often forget that it’s the little things that matter, it’s the little things that make up the bigger things.

You can keep a running list of things that made you happy on your Notes App so that you’ll always have access to it and you’ll always get to update it whenever you want to.


Read something.

Another way to find motivation and inspiration is to read something. May it be books, magazines, news articles, blogs, social updates, or whatever, doesn’t matter what medium it is, as long as you just read.

Reading is a great way to find new ideas when you’re dried out. Perhaps you’ll find fresh thoughts when you read other people’s perspectives. Need to generate new ideas for content creation? There’s a plethora of high-quality content on the internet, just know how to filter the trash and look for the gold.


Go outside.

Sometimes, a change in surroundings will be a great help to get you out of your slump and demotivated state. It refreshes the mind and lets you see the world in a different light. Take a short walk and look at your surroundings.

Listening to your favorite music while outside can also do wonders.


Talk to a friend.

When you find yourself lacking in the motivation department, talking to your friends can be another way to help you out.

Phone a friend, go to the gym together or meet at a park to hang out and get to conversing. Having someone supportive by your side is a wonder to have especially when you have baggage to unload.

If you want to have work done, you can have work dates. Grab your laptop and meet a friend. Even if you’re working on different projects, you’ll have a feeling of wanting to be productive by having someone who is also doing their work.


Rest but don’t give up.

There are times when we just couldn’t help but feel down. We don’t have the energy, both mentally and physically, to do the things we’re supposed to do. In times like this, it’s okay to accept that we don’t have the motivation to move. You can always take some rest.

Rest but don’t quit. That’s what I always tell myself. There will always be moments in your life when you don’t feel inspired or motivated and it’s okay to take it slow. It’s okay to just be in your comfy pajamas watching your favorite tv show or surfing the internet or just relaxing. Having a day off won’t hinder you from achieving your goals. It’s a needed rest and you deserve it after working so hard.


Where to Find Motivation and Inspiration When You're Stuck


Where to Find Inspiration


Facebook Groups

Whatever topic it is you are looking for, or whatever field, I am pretty sure that Facebook has a group about it. Facebook Groups are great resources to find inspiration from. There are a lot of people active in these things and you get authentic inputs from groups that have highly engaged members.


Youtube Videos

Are you looking for something? A tutorial? A guide? An inspirational talk? Maybe just some ambient sound to relax your mind? YouTube has them all. This platform has grown exponentially over the years and the amount of content you can find in it is infinite.

Whenever I need inspiration and I’m not in the mood to read, I open youtube and let it suck me into its many videos.



Podcasts are a wonderful thing. When you don’t have the time to watch a video, you can turn to podcasts and listen to them while doing your chores or something.

Podcasts have been growing in the last few years and there’s a great variety of content in it today for almost any subject you can think of. Want to learn more about Mythology? Relationships? Digital Marketing? Want to listen to worship and gospel? Book raves? Slice of life? Crime and Mystery? There’s a podcast for these, I tell you. And you can listen to them whenever you want to! Such great things to pick up inspiration from!



Looking for visual inspirations? Pinterest is my go-to. It has a plethora of aesthetically pleasing photos to very well-designed infographics that will help you find motivation and inspiration in no time! Pinterest is a wonder.


Other Blogs

Another way to find motivation and inspiration is by browsing other people’s blogs. You can find so many things by reading other people’s words and most of the time, that’s what helps me overcome my slumps. Search up blogs on your niche or topic and find people whose writing style you like. With thousands of blogs on the internet, I don’t think you’ll have difficulty finding some that will become your new favorites.



When all else fails, reading a book, or something tangible like a magazine can help you. Read something even unrelated to your work to refresh your brain. Read an adventure book to stimulate your imagination. Read a romance book to tickle your romantic bone. Maybe fiction or self-help is your thing, then go ahead and read that.

The point is, reading is oil to the brain that will keep it from rusting and it always gives you something new to learn. And new learnings will eventually give you inspirations and new ideas for your work.


We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we have different ways to cope up with different stress factors. When you happen to be in a slump and demotivated state, just know that you’re not the only one who feels this way. I hope the tips stated above would help you and give you some ideas on how to gain inspiration and get you motivated again.

Keep fighting!

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