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7 Ways to Grow your Social Media Presence Good

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7 Ways to Grow your Social Media Presence Good

In this age, social media can be a lifeline, and when it comes to taking action, everybody wants an in. If you are seeking more ways to grow your social media presence, this article is made for you.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Pinterest, everybody wants to have good social media recognition for their businesses. Having a good social media presence can help your business grow but this usually just happens when you have a certain amount of followers. Here are some ways to increase and grow your social media presence to achieve your social media marketing goals.

Grow your Social Media Presence

Ways to Grow your Social Media Presence


Identify your Goals and Objectives

To grow your social media presence, you will need to identify first what you want to achieve with it. Know how each social media platform works and what type of audiences you can reach in each one. Know your objectives and what your intentions are before you start posting.


Personalize and Humanize your Brand and Grow your Social Media Presence 

Make your brand look real and human. Aesthetic visuals are great but more than that, people crave authenticity and this means that you have to make sure that your brand is run by humans and not just automated. Interaction is key for any social media platform. Respond to comments and interact with your audience when they show interest in your posts. This simple act will develop your connection with your audience and will establish trust which is very vital if you want to grow your social media presence.

Understand Your Audience’s Needs Grow your Social Media Presence

Aside from interactions and knowing how to reach your audience on a certain platform, knowing and understanding your audience’s needs is important. Providing value to your followers is one of your priorities, thus knowing what they want to read about is key.


Link Your Social Media Profiles to your Website

We are going to assume that you already have a website for your business. With this assumption, make sure to have your social media links in it. It’s important to have your social icons on your website because this makes it easier for those who stumbled upon your site to have access to your social media accounts. This will make it simple for your audience to follow you and connect with you. Don’t make it hard for them to search for you online because most people won’t have the energy to do so.


Share Your Socials with Everyone Grow your Social Media Presence

Share your social media pages with your friends, family, colleagues … basically, everyone you know. Don’t be shy but also, don’t be spammy. Sharing your socials will let other people know that you have an online presence on each platform and they can share it with their circle of friends and family. This is how you spread the word.


Create Relevant and Valuable Content

This may be said time and time again but producing valuable content is really the heart of any marketing strategy. Content is and will always be king, and this does not only apply to blogs but also to social networking platforms. Consumers and people, in general, gravitate to things that give value to them and making your content relevant and helpful for your audience is showing you care about taking a bit of their time.



Use Hashtags Grow your Social Media Presence

Hashtags are very helpful, especially on Instagram. Using them will make your post visible to more people. Even using them on Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok is helpful in widening your reach. Just remember to use RELEVANT hashtags that are related to what your post is about.


Provider FAQ’s

Q & A’s are very much helpful for people seeking what your brand is and what your company does. Make an FAQ section on your website and socials to answer common questions that new followers always ask.


Engage, Engage, Engage! Grow your Social Media Presence

When people like and comment on your social media pages, the right way to respond is to engage with them. Let your followers know that you are listening to them and reading what they are saying. Engaging with your audience is also an important thing to do to grow your social media presence.


Stay Active and Be Consistent

Social media is a game of visibility and with so many brands out there, being out of sight even for just a while will definitely put you out of your customer’s minds. So it’s crucial to stay active and post consistently on your social networking profiles.

Success does not happen overnight and social media needs you to experiment, analyze, and sometimes take risks to learn what strategy is suitable for your brand to connect and build an audience.

Plan Your Content Grow your Social Media Presence

Plan your content ahead of time so that you don’t run out of ideas. There will always be times when your creative juices are dry, so having a content calendar will benefit you and your team.


These helpful tips to grow your social media presence are ideas we’ve come up with from our own experience of managing our social media profiles. Social media is a long-term commitment and you need to have patience if you want to generate the results you want.

Building your social media presence is continuous. Just remember that the heart of it all is about staying in tune with your audience and providing them with what they need. The rest follows.


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