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How to Promote and Grow your Small Business in 2021

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How to Promote and Grow your Small Business in 2021

The ways to promote and grow your small business have drastically changed compared to how we used to do it a decade ago. The biggest change today is in terms of going digital and spending more on online advertising. With the COVID-19 and the lockdowns happening all over the world, everybody is more focused on the internet now more than ever. Hence, the effort to grab more attention online for your business has increased.

Today, having an online presence has become essential even for small businesses. Now is a great time to invest more in advertising and promoting your business online via social media, content, and/or video marketing. 

How to Promote and Grow your Small Business in 2021

Online Listing for Visibility

Create a free online listing for your business, this is easily the most effective way to get your business out in the online world. An online listing is any place where you can input your business details for potential customers to see like Yelp and Google My Business. Keep your details accurate and up to date.

Fix your Website or Start a Blog

To build your engagement with your customers online, one thing you can do is to fix and revamp your website and start a blog if you haven’t yet. Blogging has a lot of benefits for your business, and we have a separate post for it. You can read it here


How to Promote and Grow your Small Business in 2021


Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a huge part in promoting brand awareness and business promotion online. Many businesses involve themselves in social media marketing today, and using ads can immediately boost your reach. There are many advantages of social media marketing for small businesses. Aside from increasing brand awareness, it also helps you understand your audience better, and it allows you to improve your customer satisfaction through engaging and connecting with your audience.

Read this for more social media marketing tips.

Collaborating with Influencers

Collaboration with influencers to promote your business is a new form of advertising that has grown over the years. Influencer marketing is popular over Instagram and YouTube. Basically, an influencer is a person with an enormous amount of followers and who can persuade their viewers to try out the stuff they are using. Leveraging influencer marketing in your marketing strategy can help you grow your brand reach. 

Using Google Search Ads

We all know Google is a huge advertising machine. Yes, it gives you helpful information, but it’s providing you all those things so they can make you see their ads. Google ads have grown in popularity over the past ten years and businesses, both big and small, can take advantage of this useful tool for a small cost. It’s an effective low-cost marketing strategy that can attract potential customers. 


Creating a list for Email Marketing

Over the years, the open rates for emails have dropped. However, even though this circumstance, sending emails is still very much a viable option for marketing today. Depending on your target market, email campaigns can keep your products and services at the top of your customer’s minds and can help your business generate more leads. 

Ask for Referrals

A simple way to get your business across and grow your leads is by asking for help from the people who already know you. They can be friends, family, relatives, schools, and more. You can also ask for referrals from your customers. Many business deals happen because of somebody referring someone they know who needs their services. So if you are not doing this, you are seriously missing out.

Video Marketing

With over 2 billion users worldwide, it’s safe to say that YouTube is the most popular video platform today. While YouTube allows ads on their platform, making your own video is a great way to build trust with your audience. Businesses that use video marketing as part of their strategy gain higher customer engagement. Video marketing can also help with search engine optimization. Videos are highly engaging and can promote, inform, educate, and connect with both new and existing customers. For more tips for video marketing, click here.

Online Webinars

When you create and offer introductory webinars or workshops, you can attract your target audience and get their contact information for future use. Of course, it helps when you already know who your target market is and where to find them online. You can then run ads to promote your webinars to get people to sign up. These webinars will provide valuable information about your business to the viewers and can likely convert them into actual customers. 

Improve your Customer Service

To keep your customers, they need an exceptional customer experience and customer service is a huge part of this journey. Customers become regulars when they receive excellent treatment, so it’s important to keep in mind to always look for improvement in the customer service area. 


Marketing your small business today has become easier because of the many tools available at your disposal. All you need to do is to master the skills needed to promote your business effectively. The tips listed are fool-proof ways on how to promote and grow your small business. For more business development tips, read our blog.

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