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Tips and Strategies for Strong Link Building

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Tips and Strategies for Strong Link Building

Link building is essential for SEO strategies, especially when one is looking for a boost in their traffic. It involves creating both inbound and outbound links in your website, keeping in mind that the end goal in strong link building is boosting your credibility and increasing your rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Although it sounds easy, building links takes work and effort and must be ethically done. Practice white hat link building – the process of creating organic and relevant links that improve your user’s experience. Avoid using spam tactics as a quick way to advance your SEO, this will backfire on your website negatively.

Here are some tips and strategies you can use for strong link building.

Reach out for Links

You can reach out to anyone you know, either personally or online, who has a relevant site that relates to the content you have. Make sure that the content you produce gives value so that others will happily link to you when they create their own content. 

Do Strategic Guest Blogging

Nowadays, more and more companies have embraced blogging because the benefits are great. Brands that blog regularly generate 97% more inbound links and 55% more visitors according to HubSpot. Be selective about the sites you guest blog and set a clear goal at the start. If you want to drive more traffic into your website, your guest blogging should be targeted to the blogs that will send you traffic. Look for blogs that aren’t only accepting guest blog posts, but also where their readers are likely to share that guest post in their social media accounts.

Guest blogging is a great way to get links, but you need to do it the right way. Before doing any guest blogging for a site, you have to study the site’s audience, popular posts, and user experience. When you understand the blog’s audience, it will be a lot easier for you to create content that they will enjoy consuming. 

Contact those you have linked to or mentioned

When you are creating your own content, you will be linking out to others. A simple and effective strategy is to reach out to those you have linked to and let them know about it. You can always ask for a return of favor on the side. This can eventually turn into a harmonious link exchange among businesses – just make sure not to sound too pushy and rude.

Use Infographics

Infographics are great weapons in content creation, and until today, they can play a significant role in your link building strategy. Infographics are great for strong link building because they are shareable content. When you put out a great infographic, your website will generate organic traffic, which will help you get quality links. Visual content should never be neglected in this digital age. 

Strong Link Building


Be Active on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has changed the world of marketing. In your link-building plan, being active in various social media platforms can be a great boost to your efforts. Share your posts, photos, infographics, and other updates to let your audience know that you are active.

Being active on social media can also boost your engagement. You can expose your brand and website to more people who can be possible sharers of your link. 

Add your links to all your social media platforms

Make sure you have added all your links to your social media platforms that you are active on. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest, put your link to your profiles and description boxes. Links that are shared can gain engagement and can increase your page rank. (Retweets are particularly powerful)

Make the most of YouTube Links

YouTube is an excellent and effective medium for connecting with your target audience and showcasing your brand. If you have a YouTube channel, don’t forget to include your links in your profile, channel description, and video description. 

Leveraging Influencer Marketing

In the past few years, influencers have become integral in marketing strategies. They have brought a lot to the table in connecting brands with new audiences. Whether it’s through a shoutout, a sponsorship, or a product review, influencer marketing is effective in your link building strategy because these influencers will almost always include your links in their videos, posts, stories, or photos. They can also encourage and “influence” their followers to check out your brand. Leveraging influencer marketing can boost your brand’s reputation and naturally increase your ranking.

Take Advantage of the Broken Link Building Strategy

Broken link building is an effective strategy for getting those broken links back up and running. It’s easy and there are only three main steps. First, find a site that’s similar to yours or one that’s relevant in your niche, check their content for any broken links (look for links that return a 404 error because those links have been removed), and then suggest your link to the website owner as an alternative. 

Focus on Growing your Brand

This step is one of the top strategies to do. Your brand is you. It shows your audience who you are and who your company is. Personalizing your brand will be most beneficial, especially when done right. 

When it comes to link building, growing your personal brand will help other people naturally link to you. A natural link means that your link is earned organically, without sponsorship or anything, because people truly find your content relevant and valuable. 

Create Link Roundups

A great way to receive the right links you want is to give first. Don’t be selfish with your posts by just linking to your internal pages. Link out to other blogs and websites that are relevant to your content as well. A lot of bloggers do link roundups, and it is the simplest way to share what fellow bloggers have posted. Link roundups are a great networking method and an equally great link building strategy as well.

Building a strong link building campaign starts with diversity, meaning your outbound links need to be from a wide range of trusted sources. More importantly, the links should be high quality and from reputable sites that are considered important by Google.

Planning and executing a strong link building strategy is not easy, it takes time and effort. Fortunately today, there is a plethora of information and tools available to help you. 

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