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6 Steps to Stop Taking Life Too Seriously

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Stop Taking Life Too Seriously

In the pursuit of perfection, people nowadays get too caught up with what they’re doing to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Taking things seriously is not a negative character, in fact, it’s a great quality because it shows that you are committed and passionate. But taking things too seriously may be harmful as it can cause you stress and anxiety. Stop taking life too seriously, enjoy it, and live it to the fullest.

Do you remember when life wasn’t so serious? You had fewer worries, fewer problems to think about, and less stress. You had time to enjoy life, to put yourself first, to think about just yourself. When have you forgotten to have fun? when did you stop appreciating what’s around you?

As adults, we all are desperate for approval because we fear rejection. We are afraid of being laughed at, so sometimes, we stop doing what we enjoy, we stop having fun, and we stop learning. The problem with taking life too seriously is that we choose to look good over learning new things. Because of this fear, we become boring and repetitive.

Perfectionism is the enemy. When the bar is set too high, we forget to rest and have fun just to reach that peak. Who we should be, what should we be, how we should do things. We push ourselves to do everything the right way because making even a single mistake can ruin what we’ve been building.

When we take things too seriously, especially ourselves, we also take others seriously, and that’s why their opinions can hurt us. Other’s opinions and reactions don’t define you unless you allow them to. People can say whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean that you should take all of them to heart. The key is finding the balance, enjoy life more by taking it less seriously.

Stop Taking Life Too Seriously

6 Ways To Stop Taking Life So Seriously

Learn to be more decisive

The more we wonder between two options, the more we get stressed. Overthinking is never good for your health. Learn to relax and trust your instincts. Debating with yourself over one decision will just end up with you being more stressed than before. When faced with a big life-changing decision, it’s okay to mull over it for a while. But eventually, when you need to make the decision, take a big breath and go with what feels right.

Accept your flaws and celebrate them

Nobody is perfect, we are all a work in progress. Perfection is just an illusion, the truth is we are all different in our unique way and this what makes us special. Everybody has flaws that they are not proud of, but once you learn to accept them and live with them, your flaws can become your strength. Everyone’s opinions differ and we should not let them interfere with how we live our lives. Don’t waste your energy trying to live up to someone else’s standards, embrace your flaws because that’s what makes you unique. Learn to appreciate your individuality and accept that we are all different.

Open your eyes to the humor around you

Finding humor in life is absolutely one of the best things you can learn to stop taking life too seriously. Being able to laugh at yourself and the funny things around you will lessen the tension and stress you feel. Sometimes, a quick solution to lessen the stress when facing problems is to just laugh at them. Be around humorous people, watch comedy shows, smile. They weren’t joking when they said laughter is the best medicine.

Eat healthier

Our eating habits greatly affect our moods. Having a balanced diet will make you feel happier. Snack on foods that gives you energy. Dark chocolate and nuts are great snacks that will lift your mood. Coffee is also a great mood-booster, just don’t overdo it. Fuel your body with the good stuff and you’ll be surprised how it will make you feel better!

Learn to let go

Somethings are just not for us and learning to let them go will be the best thing to do. Don’t hold on to things that don’t give meaning to your life. Whether it’s a person or an object, excess baggage will just weigh you down. As Marie Kondo said, learn to let go of the things that don’t spark joy anymore. Letting go of some things will bring more joy to your life.

Be grateful and enjoy the journey

Learn to pause and breathe. Look at your surroundings and really see the things around you. Think about how far you’ve come and although you still have a long way to go, learn to be grateful that you had the journey you have. Enjoy the little things in life, learn to laugh at the little things, and just savor the small steps you take every day. Life is too short to stress over stuff that is out of your control.

Remember that problems will always be there and they are given to us because we will be able to overcome them. No matter the size of your troubles, there will always be a silver lining and you will definitely find solutions for them. Wherever you are in life, don’t forget to breathe and remember that taking life too seriously won’t help you. Worry less, live more.

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