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The Benefits of Regular Exercise

The Benefits of Regular Exercise Copy

To have a healthy body, you don’t only have to eat a balanced diet, you will also need regular exercise. Exercising is the movement of the body that makes you work your muscles and burn calories. There are many types of physical activities that you can do to exercise. Many of which include running, walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, and the like.

Being active regularly has shown many health benefits on both your physical and mental well-being. It may even prolong your lifespan.

Here are some of the benefits of regular exercise:

Improves your Mood and Makes you Feel Happier

Exercising is known to improve mood and decrease stress and the feeling of anxiety. It stimulates the parts of your brain that regulate stress and anxiety and increase brain sensitivity to produce endorphins – aka the happy hormones – that will leave you feeling happier. Exercise has been shown to reduce the symptoms of people suffering from depression and severe anxiety. Exercising helps them being distracted by their fears and be more aware of their mental state.

Moreover, exercising will also tone your body which will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Helps you Manage your Weight

Studies show that being inactive may cause weight gain and obesity. Exercise helps increase your metabolism and maintain your muscle mass. Needless to say, engaging in physical activity will burn calories, and when you burn calories, you lose weight. As simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be a form of exercise, even just moving around can help add to your regular exercise.

Increase your Energy Levels

Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients to the different parts of your body. It helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently by having a better blood flow and circulation. When your internal organs work more efficiently, you will have more energy to spend to do the things you like. Regular physical activities improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance.

Good for your Bones and Muscles

To maintain strong bones and muscles, regular exercise is vital. Physical activity like weight lifting can aid in muscle building when paired with the right protein intake. Exercise helps release hormones that promote the ability of the muscles to absorb amino acids and this helps them grow and reduces their breakdown. Practicing regular exercise will reduce muscle loss and maintain your strength as you grow older and age. It also helps prevent osteoporosis later in life.

Helps with Skin Health

Exercising can provide antioxidant protection which helps repair the cells from free radicals damage. It also promotes blood flow which protects your skin and can delay the signs of aging.

Prevents Health Conditions and Diseases

Does your family have a history of illnesses? Are you worried about getting heart disease when you get older? Do you want to prevent hypertension? No matter what your current weight is, being physically active can decrease your chances of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. Regular exercise will help prevent health problems and concerns such as stroke, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, depression, and even some types of cancer.

Helps with Brain Memory and Health

With regular exercise, the blood flow to the brain is improved which helps with brain health and memory. Exercising can help with brain function, memory protection, and improve thinking skills. It also stimulates the hormone production of the brain that can enhance brain cells’ growth.

Additionally, exercising has the ability to prevent chronic diseases that can later progress to severe illnesses that can attack the brain.

Regular exercise is important to the elderly since aging promotes changes in brain structure and function. With regular physical activity, the adult’s mental function can be increased and maintained healthy.

Promotes Better Sleep

Aside from all the benefits stated above, regular exercise can also help you relax and sleep faster and better. Your body releases chemicals, which are a by-product of your body burning sugar, which makes you sleep. The more you burn sugar through exercising, the more these chemicals are released. These chemicals will then aid you in having better sleep and make you feel more energized the next day.

Regular exercise will improve the transition between the phases of sleep and it helps them become more regular. With this, your mood, concentration, and productivity will be enhanced as you are well-rested.

There are a lot of benefits you can reap when you practice regular exercise. It does not only make your body fitter, but it will also aid in your sleep, reduce stress, keep your mind and heart healthy, and make you happier! Exercising regularly is highly recommended to all people of all ages especially in this digital age where we all just sit down most of the day and face our laptop and phone screens. Get up and get physical!

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