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16 Fun and Easy Video Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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If you are on the lookout for video marketing ideas, you have stumbled upon the right place! Keep reading!

Over the past few years, video marketing has become more popular than ever. While content is still king, the way you present that content has become queen, and content in video format is easily consumable, highly entertaining, and can be very addicting.

Creating video content for your business can be easy, but if you have been a content creator for a while, you might feel like you are running out of ideas.

Here are easy video marketing ideas that you can use to create engaging video content for your brand. 


Behind the Scenes

One of the best video content you can make is a behind-the-scenes video. This kind of video is interesting and captivating, and it also motivates your employees.

This video content allows your customers to immerse themselves in the making of your brand and it forges a connection with them. The viewers can put a face to the names of the people behind your company and this can personalize your brand. Transparency is highly regarded especially in today’s saturated world of marketing.

You can create different BTS videos including company culture videos, brainstorming sessions, after-work events. and even office pranks.


How-to’s and Tutorials

There are a lot of Youtube superstars who rose to fame by making tutorial videos on YouTube (hello Bretman Rock and Michelle Phan).

What brands need to understand here is that useful content is those videos that offer insightful and helpful information rather than just the generic promotional and soft-selling content. Consumers are smart. They don’t fall easily when they know that they’re just being sold something.

How-to videos are tools you can make to focus on helping and finding solutions to problems for your audience. With great quality videos, you’ll soon earn your viewer’s trust and this can lead to sale conversions.


Unboxing/Product Review

Do you have any tools or products you use that you think will be helpful for your audience? You can make unboxing videos and product reviews along with it.

One of the most helpful video content is product reviews especially for people who are at the consideration end of their purchasing journey. By reviewing products, you can answer the viewers’ questions and provide them with insightful facts about that certain product.


Video Marketing Ideas


Creation Process

Do you sell any products? One fun piece of content to make is a video showing how you create your products. Show the steps you had to take and share the final results. A creation process video is exciting and it gives a lot more information about you and your products.


Product Reveal

Are you launching something new? A new product or service perhaps? A fun way to tease your audience is by making teaser videos and then a product reveal on d-day.


A Day in A Life Vlogs

Vlogs are great and are cheap and easy to make. Just take out your smartphone and shoot a short, unscripted vlog and you’re good to go. Your videos don’t all have to be formal and all business-y. A dash of normalcy can make your brand relatable because it gives your video content human quality that can reach out to the emotions of your viewers.

A simple concept of a vlog can be sharing your day in the office. What did you do on your day? How was the salad you had for lunch? What did you get from the department store? Vlogs have been popular for years because it is incredible in building trust and transparent relationship with an audience.


Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonies can make a powerful video that can encourage other people to try out your brand. After all, the best marketing is still word-of-mouth. And what more can you do than leveraging the testimonials of your existing customers and make them into video content.

Having written testimonials on your website is great, but you can also interview your customers and ask them more about their thoughts. You can then use this footage and make them into video testimonials.

  • Here are a few questions you can ask your customers when you interview them:
  • What was your main concern when you were buying our product?
  • How did the product help you?
  • What features did you like most about it?
  • What other benefits did you get out of the product?


Q & A and Interview Videos

Interview videos are great in building brand authority. This kind of video aligns your brand with a thought leader, gives your audience an intimate experience with your chosen guest, and establishes authority with input from a respected voice.

A good interview needs to follow guidelines but it also should not feel like it’s scripted. As the interviewer, your job is to keep your guest talking while, at the same time, guiding them to discuss topics that are relevant to your field. Get them to reveal juicy trade secrets and trends for your audience.

Interviews and Q&As are great video marketing ideas because you can make a series of them with different guests. The more you have the higher your credibility will be.


Live Streaming

Whether it’s an exclusive announcement from an influencer, a breaking news headline, or a popular e-sports game, live streaming has become more magnetic than ever.

What makes this type of video so popular is the insertion of FOMO (fear of missing out). Live videos are unique because they create thrill and suspense to their viewers because you really don’t know what’s going to happen and this is happening in real-time. And when we don’t tune in, we have the biggest feeling that we are missing something out.

According to studies, live streaming videos garner ten times more engagements than ordinary videos. And another thing that makes live videos unique is that it allows real-time interaction with the viewers. The audience can join in the conversation and might even get noticed by the broadcaster which adds up to the excitement.

There are so many reasons why live streaming performs so well for businesses.



Tell a Story

Engaging stories are always fun. If you have any that relates to your business, make a series of it through a video. Storytelling sells.


Animated Videos

If you want to make fun and unique videos, you can play with animation. Animated videos are fantastic video content on a budget as you can create them on your laptop without costing a thing!

Animated videos are also an excellent way to explain and break down complicated things such as scientific and technical terms that are not common in everyday life.



Another video marketing idea is to make videos when hosting a contest or a giveaway. You can then share this with your social media accounts for more reach.

An amazing prize plus an equally amazing video is a roadway to spreading brand awareness and attracting more audiences.

Another idea, you can then live-stream the announcement of winners!


Office/Room Tour

People like seeing other people’s spaces. Whether it’s a room, a house, or an office, Let your audience take a peek at your workplace and give them a quick tour of the room you’re working in.



Do you have something new to share with your followers? Don’t just tweet about it. Make a short video and share it across your social media platforms!


Introduce the Team

Do you have a team of people behind your business? Humanize your brand and put faces behind your company’s name. Introduce your team in a video and have them answer questions or tell fun stories.


Before and After

Do you transform things? People always like seeing before and after photos, I know I do. Instead of just sharing photos, step up your game and make a whole video about it.


Final Thoughts

We have a number of video marketing-related articles and if you are still not making video content for your brand, you are losing more opportunities to engage with your audience than you think. These video marketing ideas are here to help you and give you ideas on what to make next.

Brainstorm your next video content and take action. Good luck!

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