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8 Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

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8 Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has become bigger and bigger in the digital marketing field today and if you are still one of the businesses that haven’t implemented this strategy in your marketing efforts, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. In this post, we will be featuring 8 tips to make your video marketing strategy effective. 


Define your video goals

To begin strategizing for your video marketing endeavor, of course, the first thing you need to define is your goals. What are you hoping to achieve with your video? Are you introducing something new or continuing a series? Are you trying to address a problem and offer solutions? Do you want to create awareness for your brand? Do you want to convince the viewer on what product to use?

Define what your video goals are and the next steps will flow after that.


Tell a story

People love stories. It’s one reason why they read long captions, browse photo albums, and watch long videos. In making content for your videos, always keep in mind to tell stories rather than just concentrating on selling a product or service.

Video marketing is an incredible tool for storytelling as it has the power to convey emotions to your customers that will create the personality of your brand.

Incorporating stories into your videos will encourage and improve engagement from your audience. Rather than just making bland videos introducing your company and showcasing your products and services, look for ways to tell a captivating story that will have your audience hooked on your videos.


Include product tutorials and demos

Keep a balance on your video marketing strategy by having product tutorials and demos as well as story-telling videos.

With video marketing, you can introduce your product, its features, and further explain its use and how it can solve your customer’s problems.

Product tutorial videos are very helpful for customers who are only a step away from clicking the checkout button. When people have questions about your products or services, they can just easily find and watch your videos before purchasing them.


Show your personality and be creative

People relate to videos more when they have that authentic feel and character so it’s important to show your brand personality. Showcase what your company is all about in a creative manner, after all, viewers appreciate engaging videos that are full of creativity and personality.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors? What makes your brand different from others? Highlight those things on your videos.


Listen to your customers and include their feedback in your videos

One great video marketing strategy is including customer-generated content. People love seeing themselves being featured and this strategy has the potential of making your brand go viral.

Encourage your customers to create videos using your products or services and then make a video about it and post them on your website and socials.

When people see themselves in a video, they will more likely share it with their followers and that is free advertising for you to get more reach!


Always include calls to action at the end

Calls to action are not only for the written content, it can also be used in videos so don’t forget to include them! What actions do you want your viewers to do after watching your video? Do you want them to subscribe to your channel, follow you on your socials, or check out your website? Let them know at the end of your videos.

Adding calls to action is simple and effective, and this can spark engagement with your audience. So don’t forget to add them to every video you create and publish.


Video Marketing Strategy


Optimize videos for search engines

As the owner of YouTube, Google indexes YouTube videos. So when you upload to this platform, don’t forget to optimize your videos for search.

Include important and relevant keywords in your video’s description box. You can include your website link here or any shortened links with calls to action for your audience to take.

Here are other things you can do to optimize your videos for search:

  • include relevant keywords on your video title, and make it interesting (not clickbait-y)
  • write a comprehensive summary of your video for your description box and, of course, include your keywords
  • add relevant tags
  • add closed captions
  • include a transcript of your video that’s rich with your keyword/s


Maintain a realistic budget for your videos and stick with it

Every video you create has its own budget and let’s face it, no matter how great a plan is, when it does not coincide with your budget, your video quality will fall short.

Have a realistic budget and work within that limitation. You can maximize your resources and still come up with great results. Certain videos will be more expensive than others, do your research if there are alternatives and balance it out.


Ultimately, your goal for your videos should be to educate your customers, whether it be about your company or your products, place yourself as a leading authority in your field, and establish a relationship with your audience. 

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