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7 Tips To Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

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7 Tips To Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Social media is a game-changer for every business – big or small. With their products and services online, Facebook in particular has been leading the pack since the use of social media marketing boomed. With about 2.5 billion active users every month, Facebook is definitely a must if you want to level up your digital marketing strategy. But with its ever-changing algorithm, how do you boost your Facebook organic reach?

Facebook is a great place to target your audience. However, with the challenges in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, it has become increasingly difficult to widen your reach organically. This has become a constant debate whether Facebook has reached its end and if it’s better to focus in other directions.

While this can be challenging, there are things you can do to boost your Facebook organic reach. Here are some proven and fool-proof tips.


Tips To Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Use attractive visuals

First of all, visuals are everything nowadays, so having aesthetically and visually pleasing images and videos on your posts is a must!

Whether your brand has a colorful vibe or a grainy, retro vibe, it’s important to pay attention to these details. Visual content is crucial for social media strategy and if you want people to read and view your post, make sure to have at least one visual media.

For photographs, make sure they are not low-quality as this can affect and harm your brand image. As for videos, make sure the audio is audible, the shots are focused, and there is sufficient lighting.


Post at the best times

When you upload posts on Facebook, the time of upload is important. You cannot just publish anything at any time. You have to determine when your audience is most active so that they can see your new post in their News Feeds.

Use your Facebook analytics to determine when your followers are online the most.

Publishing your posts when your audience is most likely active will increase the chances of them seeing your posts in their Feeds and that is one way you can boost your Facebook organic reach.


Mix up your post formats

When you are trying to improve your Facebook reach organically, it’s important to test out a variety of post formats to determine which among them works the best. If you have only been uploading photo posts and your reach has been decreasing, try making a video post and see how it works out. If the video isn’t working, try making a list post that your audience will like and appreciate.

Mixing up your post formats every now and then will keep your content fresh and engaging for your followers.


7 Tips To Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach


Stream a live video

A live video is a highly engaging type of media that people nowadays are loving. Live videos are unique, they create a sense of community in the comments section for your viewers to interact. By being in your live video, your viewers can share their thoughts as they have a common touchpoint to connect with. As live videos are engaging, they will definitely boost your organic reach more.

Go live and create content that will attract and resonate with your audience. Start a conversation and keep it flowing and interactive.


Optimize your content formatting and captions

When you crosspost across Instagram or Twitter, make sure you edit out your captions on each platform. You can’t just post the same thing everywhere, especially on Facebook.

Create unique captions that will capture the attention of your viewers. Don’t include irrelevant hashtags (like what you use on Twitter or Instagram).

If it can be helped, don’t keep on posting external links. Instead, focus on formats that will keep your audience inside the Facebook app.

Lastly, consider putting a call-to-action at the end of your description if it’s necessary to drive engagement.


Interact with other pages and Facebook users

Social media is a game of give and take. By interacting with other users and pages, you get your name across the platform. This will make your name familiar to other users and will increase the chance of them checking out your profile and possibly liking and following your page in return.


Ask your followers to turn on notifications

To ensure that your posts show up on top of your follower’s News Feed, ask them to turn on notifications for your posts. It’s basically the simplest way to increase and boost your Facebook organic reach.

Subtly mention this to your followers in the descriptions of your posts. When they enjoy what you put out, they will surely be glad to follow your page more closely.


Increasing your reach on Facebook organically can be a bit challenging. Keep trying out new tactics and experiment with the content you put out. Keep track of your analytics and improve your strategies to see better results.

We hope these tips will help you in your social media marketing journey. Good luck!

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