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6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Video Marketing

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6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Video Marketing

Perhaps you’ve already heard this phrase repeatedly, but let me say it again. On the internet, whether it’s for entertainment or business purposes, content will always be king. There are several types of content – written text, photos, infographics, etc – and among these, videos reign over them. Video content is full of potential, and the reason why it’s a hit is that videos are highly engaging whether your intent is to inform, educate, or entertain an audience. Nowadays, video marketing is already a must. In this post, we will talk about why small businesses should use video marketing in their digital marketing strategy.

One element of success in the digital marketing scene today is for brands to leverage video marketing. Video consumption has grown exponentially over the years and is growing still. The majority of those who go online will always rather watch a video than read a lengthy all-text post. 

Here are some reasons why small businesses should use video marketing to grow their business.

Videos can educate your audience about your brand

In modern-day marketing, the buyer’s journey goes through several processes such from brand awareness to consideration and then to finally making a decision. In these three phases, the consumer depends on the online content about this certain brand to help them make their decision. Products review through blogs and articles help, but videos are better.

Videos can help grow your reach cost-effectively

Unique tools and video editing solutions have become affordable over time, and today, the cost of making videos has been made more affordable than ever. There’s an endless supply of resources, and it only costs relatively small. If you are seeking an efficient yet cost-effective way on educating your audience about your brand and getting your message across the market, all you need is to make a video using your smartphone.


6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Video Marketing


Videos can boost your brand’s reputation

Internet users prefer videos over other forms of content, so using video marketing as one of your digital marketing strategies can undoubtedly boost people’s perception of your brand. The higher the quality of your videos, the better will your brand’s reputation be. Videos can also help address and turn your negative reviews around by creating Q&A sessions, personable review videos, and humorous content. 

Improves your Social Engagement

Videos have a higher engagement rate than plain images on social media platforms and having a great online presence is a cost-effective way of marketing your business. In the digital marketing world, engagement is important. No engagement means lower traffic and conversion rates. Create relevant video content so that you can build your engagement with your audience and build trust and connections.

Helps drive traffic to your website

Another benefit of video marketing is it can help you get users to visit your website. A strategy to drive more traffic to your website often requires you to advertise on different social media platforms, and social media posts that are in video form have over 40% more views than just a plain text or photo post. To even make it more effective, you can include valuable call-to-actions in your videos and optimize your descriptions.

Video Marketing can help gather and generate leads

With the right strategies, you can optimize and leverage your video marketing efforts to generate more leads for your business. By creating valuable tutorial and review videos, you can sell your products and services. You can also put your videos on your landing pages and create a powerful call-to-action to encourage your viewers to take the next step. Videos help consumers understand a product more and can be influenced by product videos when making purchasing decisions. 


Using video marketing for your small business will enable your brand to connect with your audience in a more personal way. We live in a visual world, and even though beautiful photos can elevate your aesthetics, it’s just not enough. Videos are much more personal, more informative, highly engaging, and more interesting to watch. 

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