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Copywriting for LinkedIn

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Copywriting for LinkedIn

In our last post, we talked about copywriting for Twitter. This one will be about copywriting for LinkedIn. You’ll learn three techniques to help you make your LinkedIn posts more persuasive. You will also find these tips to help you create persuasive posts that will lead to conversion not only on LinkedIn but on all of your social media platforms as well.


The Basics

LinkedIn Audience: Professional

People use Linkedin for more professional purposes than any other social media. Your target audience here is as likely to be prospective employees as it is customers. There will also be a lot of B2B activity on this platform.

LinkedIn Post Length: 50-100 Characters

Linkedin posts can be longer than tweets, but surprisingly, the ones that get the most engagement are the shorter ones. Posts that tend to be on similar length to the optimum tweet length between just 50-100 characters do better. Though the posts themselves may be short, most generally link to blogs or videos that contain more in-depth information. 

LinkedIn Hashtags: 1-2 per post

Using hashtags in LinkedIn is similar to Twitter. Just using one or two per post is best. 


Copywriting for LinkedIn


There is so much competition on social media today so it’s extremely important to make your posts as persuasive as possible, and this is especially true on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn post copy should be written to encourage readers to take the call to action. Once they’ve clicked the link through your website or landing page, or maybe watched your video, the post itself has done its job. Your focus will then turn to the next action you want your audience to take.


Make a Connection

One way to make a connection with your reader is to ask them a question. Asking a question is one technique you can make to persuade your reader to take you up on your CTA. As human beings, we’re hard-wired to respond to questions. We simply just can’t ignore them. Maybe it has something to do with our problem-solving nature because we find it difficult to leave questions unanswered. 

Have a variety of posts. Alternate your questions between it being open and close. This way, you can work out what’s best for your audience and you can determine what leads to the most engagement


Be More Specific

When you make a post, always think about your target audience so you can make your copy more specific. Great copywriting is all about writing with your readers in mind. Make your posts more about them and less about your business.


Complement your Content

When you write a title for your blog posts or web pages, keep in mind on how it will look like on social media when it’s shared or posted. This may not always be at the front of your mind, but if you get a lot of traffic from your social media sources, it really should be. When you take our advice about keeping your posts short, the title of your blog posts should make up about 50% of your post’s copy. That’s why it’s important that your blog title and your post copy work well together.


Copywriting for LinkedIn is all about writing persuasive post copy. And to do this, you’ll have to connect with your readers so that you can gently lead them into your marketing funnel.


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