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9 Social Media Ideas for Startups Good way

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9 Stunning Social Media Ideas for Startups

In digital marketing, social media marketing is a powerful tool to utilize and develop. Big brands like Apple, Nike, and Starbucks play a big social media game and this is a huge inspiration to all business startups out there.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to utilize because in our digital world today, it’s what most people use nowadays. But as a Social Media Ideas startup, how do you come up with social media posts that will attract your audience’s attention?

Here are 9 social media ideas for you to try out and experiment with. We’re sure one or more of these will work for you!


9 Social Media Ideas for Startups

Personalize your feed with personal videos or selfies

Most brands like to keep their social media accounts strictly professional, only posting photos and videos that are related to their brand and aesthetic. Adding personal touches to your pages is a great way to create a personal connection with your viewers and followers. Just don’t go all out posting everything about your personal life. A selfie or a video showing what you do behind the cam every once in a while is fine. Find the balance so you won’t go overboard. These personalized posts will give your accounts a breath of fresh air.

Social Media Ideas

Post behind the scenes video stories

Videos do well on social media platforms and one type of video to share is behind-the-scenes footage. This type of video is a great way to engage your followers. It will create a curiosity aura on your upcoming updates and will leave your viewers wanting more.

Whether you’re shooting a new ad or launching a new product, a simple short BTS (behind the scenes) video can generate curiosity. Give your followers a little sneak peek of your company’s creative process and make them come back for more. You can Social Media Ideas startups. 


Retweet, re-gram, and share posts that inspire you

As a social media page, you’d want to find a balance between uploading your own product images and videos with other types of posts. Too much promotion will overwhelm your audience and you’ll want to provide them with some breathing space. To do this, you can opt to share and retweet others’ posts that resonate with you. These retweets and programs will be something different for your followers and it will be less of an effort for you as well.

Find some good quotes and share them on your page. Find posts that inspire you from your feed, whether it’s from the industry you’re in or just from any other topics that relate to what your brand stands for.

You don’t always have to be all serious and business all the time. You can share entertaining and interactive posts to make things light. This will show your followers that you are involved in the community and you can also tag them to feature them on your page.


Make use of short stories and reels on Instagram

Video content has become more popular over the years and social media platforms have incorporated having videos in them. Make use of these features because the truth is viewers love them. Instagram has short stories that disappear in 24 hours and this is a great way to share something that you don’t want to display over your feed like behind-the-scenes snippets, shoutouts, product unboxings, a day in the life stories, and more. You can also use reels to showcase more about your products, brand stories, and customer testimonials Social Media Ideas.


“Tag-A-Friend” to enhance visibility

People love sharing what they find online with friends and families by tagging them on those amazing posts. To enhance visibility and get more engagement, encourage your followers by posting “tag-a-friend” posts. These could be memes, quotes, gifting options, or anything interesting. Ask your followers to tag the first friend that comes to their minds in seeing this post. This is a great conversation starter and can boost your social media engagement and gain your page more visibility for Social Media Ideas.




Have a consistent brand image Social Media Ideas

It’s great to experiment with your social media feed but keeping it consistent will create a lasting impression on your audience. Whatever color, font, logos, or images you use, make sure that it has some element that relates and reflects your brand.

Your brand image and voice should be consistent because this is how your followers will recognize you. In every post you share, make sure to always have visual elements that will make your audience see that it’s from your brand.


“Ask me anything” Social Media Ideas

Ask me anything is a trend is social media where you host q&a sessions with your followers for a time being. Whether you do it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform, this form of a post is a certain way to increase your social media engagement. You get to interact and engage with your followers by answering what they are curious about.


Post questions for followers in polls Social Media Ideas

People love it when their opinions are valued and so running a quick poll over your social media accounts is a great way to get to know your followers. You can optimize this feature to know what your followers like, dislike, and more. You will get more knowledge about their perspective and what they prefer through polls.


Host free giveaways

When the word “free” comes across your feed, you will instantly be attracted to it and pause for a while. It grasps the audience’s attention and this is another way to gain you traction. Announce your giveaways on your social media pages to get more mentions and tags.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a fickle friend and if you don’t keep up on the trends, you will seriously miss out on wonderful marketing opportunities to improve your business. In churning out content for your accounts, keep trying new things and re-do the strategies that worked. It’s important for your pages to remain consistent yet versatile to show off your fun side.

Post regularly and plan your social media calendar ahead so you have a consistent flow of content and keep your online presence alive. We hope these social media ideas inspire you to plan your content calendar today.

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