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Copywriting for Twitter


Copywriting for Twitter

Writing effective copy on social media for your business can be challenging. In this post, you’ll learn three techniques to help you make your Twitter posts more concise. Copywriting for Twitter for your business does not have to be hard. These tips will help you create short and sweet posts on all your social platforms that will get you engagements and reach.

Twitter Audience: News Seekers

We can best describe Twitter users as ‘news seekers’. They are looking for topical information, fresh content, and insights into what’s happening right now. Twitter users scroll and when they find something interesting, that’s when they’ll engage in a post by either liking the tweet, re-tweeting it, or saving it in their bookmarks.

Twitter Ideal Post Length: 71-100 Characters

Multiple studies show that short posts between 71-100 characters get the most engagement on Twitter.

Twitter Hashtags: 1 or 2 per post

When it comes to hashtags, less is more. One to two hashtags per post will help you get into the current trends and highlight important content without interfering with your tweet’s readability.


Copywriting for Twitter


Keeping your post short is vital on Twitter. Here are 3 simple ways to do it.

Say Goodbye to Flowery Words

Condense your message into its shortest possible form. A great way to shorten your post is to cut out some of the descriptive and flowery words which are the adverbs and adjectives that modify the nouns. Your Twitter post should be straightforward and on the point.

Break the Rules

You can be a bit rebellious here and break a few grammar rules when copywriting for Twitter. Yes, rules on writing are important because they add clarity and make sure that you get your message across effectively. But there are certain rules that are outdated and breaking them can help make your writing more characterful and meaningful. 

One writing rule that you can break on social media that’s really effective and often makes your post shorter, is to split long sentences into multiple shorter ones. 

Highlight Keywords

This quick tip involves hashtags, but it’s not about hashtag strategy, it’s a way of using hashtags to highlight important bits of text. And it can also help you shorten your posts. 

On Twitter, and most other platforms, there’s no easy way of making your text bold or italic, or underlined. And that’s a challenge because it robs us of three really useful ways to highlight important text and make them stand out. But there is a way around it and that’s to make a keyword or phrase into a hashtag. When you do that, the hashtag is formatted in a different color and it stands out from the rest.


Handy tools like Sprout Social have guides to tell you the optimum length for all the major social media platforms. They also have a tool where you can paste your post and get feedback on its length and number of hashtags. As great as these great features are, keep in mind that you should only be using them as a guide. 

It’s good to mix long and short posts together on your feed, both for variety and because your more engaged readers will appreciate the more in-depth content at times.

If you need the inspiration to help you craft short tweets, you can visit successful pages like Microsoft’s and Samsung Mobile’s Twitter feed. They are masters of keeping things concise. 

Brevity is key on social media, especially copywriting for Twitter. When it comes to engagement, the optimum post length on every platform is likely to be shorter than you’d expect them to be.


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