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What is Vlogging? Why Vlog?



Vlogging has become more and more popular in recent years, and what used to be just a pastime for the younger generation, has become something much more to the people today. What has become so appealing about vlogging and why do people do it? Why vlog? 

What is Vlogging?

Vlog is short for “video log” which is a wordplay on the word “blog”. Vlogs are a form of blogging but in video form. It’s you talking in front of the camera, documenting your life, and uploading it online for people to see. Vlog entries can be a combination of texts, images, and video clips, and they can be recorded in one take or multiple clips. The most popular video-sharing platform where we can watch vlogs is YouTube. 

Vlog content can be anything from everyday life to specific niches like art DIYs and classic book reviews. This is ideal for both personal and business use. However, with the competition in the saturated online world today, it can be quite a feat to make interesting vlogs that can attract an audience. But don’t let this discourage you because there are a lot of benefits in vlogging. Whatever your business is or personal goals are, having a vlog can be a very effective way to achieve your goals.

Why Vlog?

Where to publish your vlogs

The majority of the vloggers choose to publish their videos on YouTube. With over a billion active users, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine after Google. The wonderful thing about YouTube is that anyone can use it. You can make your own YouTube channel and start uploading your videos right away. Not only that, but you can also stream live videos, have a live chat with your audience, and produce labeled playlists of uploaded videos. This makes this platform very ideal for vloggers.

But Why Vlog?

What’s the point of vlogging, though? Why are people interested in watching hundreds and thousands of videos every day?

Twenty years ago, making a video and have it reach thousands of people is a monumental, expensive feat. You would need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment alone, and you would need to have access to a network that has a great reach. Nowadays, vlogging has been made so easy, as easy as pressing a button.

People make vlogs for different reasons. Some vlog to document their lives, some share educational information, some make comedic skits, while others vlog to build brand awareness and market their business. 

Here are some points that tell us the point and purpose of vlogging:

1. Getting to learn about other culture

Through vlogging, people can share their culture and learn about the culture of others in return. Through vlogs, we can get to know a country and its culture. When vloggers document their everyday lives, people in other countries can get to know and understand the culture of the vlogger’s country. Cultural barriers and culture shocks can be lessened and this will help us connect more with other people in a different country of origin.

2. For educational purposes

Vlogs aren’t just for documenting humor and everyday mundane lives, it can also be utilized for educational purposes. There are a lot of videos that teach us a lot of things like helping us academically to teaching us practical stuff like how to unclog your sink and how to redecorate your bedroom. Want to master your photography hobby? There are thousands of videos about it. Want to learn about calligraphy and brush lettering? The search bar is always open for you. Over the past couple of years, talented individuals have taken up vlogging into the level by sharing their expertise. Whatever you are looking for, there is surely a video or two about it.

3. Health and other disabilities awareness

Aside from educational videos, there are also many vloggers with various diseases who are open about their conditions and share them online. These vloggers make a difference one way or another by sharing their experiences, how their conditions have impacted their lives, and by debunking myths about their diseases. These channels can help us understand these people with different needs.

4. Be entertained

Why do we watch television? To be entertained, correct? Vlogs are no different. Some people are naturally full of humor and want to share their talents online. Entertainment vlogs vary from short skits to a full-blown 20-minute entertainment show. There are a lot of choices online, just choose some that will suit your taste.

5. A fountain of information

Vlogging can also be used as a medium in disseminating information to the masses. A lot of vloggers make informational videos, and as people nowadays use the internet to look for information easily, these vloggers make our lives easier. May it be information about current issues like bullying, social climates, or LGBTQ community, there are vloggers that spread awareness about anything you could think of.

So you see, there are a lot of things you could get from vlogs. Vlogging boomed because they aren’t useless, vlogging became popular because they have a lot of use. 

The Benefits of Vlogging

The idea of making a vlog and continuously create it may be daunting at first. Questions like “Is this even worth it?” and “Am I not wasting my time and resources over this?” may arise. These questions about the return of investment is a good point to ponder. After all, why should we bother doing something that doesn’t give us anything in return, right? Why do something that doesn’t have any benefits? Why vlog?

Here are some benefits that vloggers have seen as a result of creating vlogs:

Discover a community of like-minded people

One of the benefits of being a vlogger is that once you have built an audience, you will form a community of people who has the same mind as you. This community of people who has the same interests will come together and support the vlogger and will create an amazing support system and atmosphere that will boost the vlogger’s confidence and motivation to make more videos. The feedback from this community will also help the creator improve by taking in the viewer’s opinions, likes, and dislikes.

Make and Build Connections

As you vlog, you start to make and build connections with people from different parts of the world. The videos you create will find their way to an audience that deems your content relevant. By making connections, creators will gain exposure and this will help make their content stand out in the community.

Making a Difference

Another benefit of vlogging is that it allows people to make a difference – no matter how small it may be. We have different opinions about certain things and through these different perspectives, we can make a difference in the world just by sharing out our thoughts. People experiencing a tough situation can share it out and gather support from different communities. An example can be about discrimination. By sharing this, it can help them get justice sooner.

A Creative Outlet

It’s not easy to be consistent in vlogging. You’ll have to always have new ideas for your content. This may not sound like it, but a benefit of vlogging is it keeps your creative juices flowing, even though sometimes you get stuck. Creativity is required when you decide to make vlogs and sometimes, forcing yourself to create something will keep your creative toes on the go. This will allow you to make new concepts and challenges for yourself.

You’ll find you are capable of creating new ways to deliver your messages to your audience. As long as you are willing, you will learn and improve your creative muscles when you vlog.

Demonstrates your Knowledge or Expertise

And finally, one of the best advantages of vlogging is it will share your talents, abilities, expertise, and knowledge to the world. A vlog can be whatever you desire it to be. With a platform of your own, you will have a responsibility to use it well. You don’t have to conform to how society makes their vlog, you can infuse it with your uniqueness. And while vlogging doesn’t make you an authority immediately, you will still be able to express your views and opinions on subjects that matter to you. And you’ll continue to improve in the long run. 

Vlogging has a lot of benefits and this is why it’s such an aspired job in the younger generation. One thing that sets it apart from blogging is that, in today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have the time to read anymore. People choose to watch videos instead. And this is why vlog contents have received such a wide audience all over the world and it’s still growing to this day! 

If you want to start making vlogs, today is the best day to start.

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