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7 Helpful Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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7 Helpful Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Are you struggling with improving your website, doing more for your social media, generating leads, or just about anything in the digital marketing field? Here are seven helpful digital marketing tips for small businesses like yours.

As a small entrepreneur or business owner, leveraging digital marketing is one of the keys to success, especially in our world today when everything is available at the tip of our fingers. Compared to traditional marketing, taking up your business to the digital world has so many more advantages. To learn how to get those advantages, heed these tips and advice.

Research Your Competitors and Differentiate Yourself From Them

Knowing your competition is vital because you would want to be able to offer additional value in your market. A great place to start your research is on Google. Observe how your competitors position themselves in terms of their ads. What are their selling points? How can you be different from them and do better? As per, there are 6 ways you can differentiate your business from your competitor: your product, service, ways of distribution, customer relationship, brand image & reputation, and pricing. 

Improve Your Website

The user’s experience should be your priority when it comes to improving your website. On top of the list, your website needs to be fast-loading, user-friendly, and attractive. Slow websites will lead to customers closing the tab to your site and most of the time, they won’t be returning. This will ruin your chance to convert new users into customers. As we shift into being a mobile-first world, page speed and page load time are becoming more and more important. Get tips from google on how you can reduce your website’s loading time.

Improve Google My Business Listing and Customer Reviews

Your business’s reputation online is just as good as the reviews and listings it has. People nowadays rely heavily on ratings and previous customer’s reviews before trusting a brand unknown to them. With Google My Business, you will be able to control and manage how people perceive your business. Optimize your listing by removing any duplicates and unnecessary promotional messages. 

Create Interesting and Engaging Content

Being in a competitive industry, you have to constantly think up new ways to drive the results you want. Make sure that your content strategy builds up your brand’s reputation. Some tips to keep in mind when making the perfect blog post: put your audience first, use the correct tone of voice, make sure your blog is SEO friendly, and show your readers that they can rely on the information you release.

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Stuck and don’t know where to get new content ideas? Read this: Content Creation and Generating New Ideas

Create Professional Visual Content

Content will always be king and as we all know, content marketing has already proved itself to be an industry in its own right. That is why your content is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Making content for your business is not only limited to blog posts, you can also make infographics and videos.

Video contents are all the rage these days, may it be short or long. According to Hubspot, 97% of marketers say that videos help increase brand awareness by showing how their products and services work. 76% say it helped their sales increase, and 81% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video. If these numbers don’t speak volume, I don’t know what does. Did you know that there are over 2 billion users worldwide logging into YouTube and consuming video content each month? Big brands such as Apple, Disney, Nike, Nintendo, and many others understand the power of video marketing and I think it’s time you should, too.

In need of a videographer? View our portfolio.

Focus on a Primary Social Media Channel

Social media is becoming a part of every business’ marketing strategy, and while it’s easy to fall into the hype and go along with the flow, social media marketing strategies are always changing as each platform changes. Small businesses would often ask what platform should they put more focus on. Well, that’s simple. It should be the platform that is most relevant to your business and where your audience and customers are the most active.

If your business leans toward offering products and services to other businesses, the choice is Linkedin and Twitter. If it’s for B2C, Instagram and Facebook are your options. Whatever you choose, have a primary social media channel to focus on and grow. 

Improve Your Local SEO

Your local SEO is vital if you are a local business. Update and link your business to your location. Link building is also important. Build local links from local newspaper sites, bloggers, and sponsorship sites if there are any. 

7 Helpful Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

These digital marketing tips for small businesses should help you improve your overall business if you use these strategies wisely.

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