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10 Top Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

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10 Outstanding Top Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

It is no secret that in the digital marketing industry, experience sets you ahead of your game. Learning and reading up on trends, techniques, and strategies can take anyone’s career a long way. Digital marketing blogs are the easiest way to gain it. Marketing has changed drastically over the years and digital marketers have adapted their strategies to match it. Whether you’re a beginner or already experienced, we have curated 10 top digital marketing blogs that any marketer should be following.


10 Top Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

The Moz Blog 

Moz is an inbound marketing and SEO company that offers a blog with articles on topics such as SEO, digital marketing, and analytics.

It is one of the best blogs to read when you are looking to widen your knowledge about SEO, conversion optimization, and content marketing. The blog is written by experts in those fields and it has been recognized as one of the top blogs for digital marketers by Entrepreneur Magazine. They also have a podcast (The Moz Pod) that covers a range of digital marketing topics. 

Moz has been publishing blog posts for over 10 years and its goal is to provide readers with insights into the world of search engine optimization and digital marketing. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who already has experience in the industry, its content is relevant still, offering real value with actionable insights. It’s a go-to website for many digital marketers and if you haven’t visited them yet, now is the time!

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Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel is a digital marketer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of CrazyEgg, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics, and Quicksprout. His personal blog, is a blog all about online marketing and entrepreneurship. The site features articles on a variety of topics including SEO, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), email marketing, content marketing and more. Neil Patel also shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship and life in general with his readers who are mostly entrepreneurs or marketers themselves.

Patel almost everything about online marketing and he shares everything with his readers. His articles are usually 5000+ words long so you’ll have a lot of content to read to educate yourself about the industry. If you are a beginner, this is definitely one of the top digital marketing blogs to follow.

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Ahrefs is one of the most valuable services for SEOs. It is a comprehensive suite of tools that helps users monitor and check all their data, backlinks, anchor texts and much more. Ahrefs has a blog where one can find the basics of SEO, keyword research, link building, and many more.

If you are looking for a reliable resource to learn and improve your SEO skills, this is the website you should go to.

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Content Marketing Institute 

Content marketing is the most effective way to convey your company’s message in a way that will resonate with customers. Although companies have been using content for decades, in recent years the effectiveness of this tactic has skyrocketed. Content marketing can provide your organization with a voice and connect it powerfully with people who are interested in your products or services.

The Content Marketing Institute is a place where you can really learn how to create content and use it to help your business. The best part of it is that everything here is written by experts in the industry, so you know that they have actually created great content and know what they are talking about.

The site offers advice on everything from how to create content to how to promote it to how to measure the success of your content. There are also case studies from different companies that have had great success with content marketing and interviews with the people behind the successes.

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Top Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow


Search Engine Land 

Search Engine Land is one of the top digital marketing blogs to follow covering search engines and SEO news, information, insights and analysis. For more than a decade, Search Engine Land has been the leading news site for search marketing professionals, providing breaking news and analysis about search engines, SEO and the latest trends impacting search marketers.

The blog has over 100,000 views a month. It also has a search engine optimization podcast that is popular in the industry featuring interviews with leading SEO experts.

If you’re involved in SEO, digital marketing, or online advertising of any kind, this blog is a must-read.

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Seth Godin Blog

This is different from all the other blogs in this post but I just have to include this. Today the reality of all sorts of marketing has changed. The old rules no longer apply and Seth Godin’s blog is a great place to start with your marketing efforts.

The blog is updated regularly with articles that are relevant to all marketers and business owners, ones who are looking for some guidance in the new era of Internet marketing. Seth Godin’s blog will help you learn about branding, promoting your business online, and just about marketing in general. The blog teaches you how to market books, products and services online, by using simple techniques that will help you boost your business in a short time. There are also a lot of tips and advice on attracting customers to your business. Seth Godin’s blog will help you establish effective communication with your customers online and offline, which is important in any business.

Check his blog here: Seth Godin Blog

Social Media Today 

Social media is a very useful tool for promoting your business. It is also extremely important to use it effectively in order to make sure you do not lose any customers.

Social Media Today is a guide to marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social media sites. It contains essential information for marketers who want to use social media effectively and efficiently. This blog is ideal for marketers at all levels, from beginners to more experienced professionals.

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Copyblogger is a website containing a lot of useful information. It’s an online magazine that provides tips, advice and information for effective online marketing. They provide articles, ebooks and seminars that help people improve their blog writing, content creation and online visibility.

Copyblogger was founded by Brian Clark in 2006. He has been blogging since 2003 and is one of the first bloggers to really gain popularity. Clark knows his subject and Copyblogger is a great resource for those looking to learn about online marketing. The site offers a variety of posts from basic guides to more advanced topics in the form of ebooks.

The blog covers topics that cover SEO, social media, email marketing, and niche site-building.

Copyblogger is a must-read for any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to improve their marketing.

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Hubspot Blog 

Another top digital marketing blogs to follow is this one. HubSpot Marketing Blog is one of the most reputable sources of information about online marketing techniques. Sometimes, this blog posts articles written by industry experts rather than their own employees. These experts include Dan Kennedy, Jeff Bullas, and Ann Handley. It’s a blog that focuses on topics related to internet marketing like social media, blogging, conversion optimization and other fields. The Blog has a good search engine ranking and has great content, so it’s easy to find when searched through Google.

“HubSpot’s blog is one of the most powerful pieces of content marketing software out there. This easily navigable and well-organized site feeds business owners and marketers a steady stream of advice, tips, tactics, and news in order to improve their sales and conversion rates.” -Neil Patel

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Jeff Bullas Blog

The Jeff Bullas Blog is a leading authority on personal and business marketing, social media and content marketing. The blog is about marketing and personal growth and has been running for more than seven years. It is read by over 1 million people each month and the site attracts more than 50,000 visitors a day. It’s a great guide for beginners who want to get started in marketing or blogging.

This is one of my favourite blogs to read at the moment. It’s run by Jeff Bullas and is mainly about marketing and personal growth, but has a diverse range of other topics too. I love that it’s written in a relatable way and offers a great guide for beginners. He’s also a great follow on Twitter: @jeffbullas.


Final Thoughts

Every reader of this blog will interpret the list differently and who is to say what the top digital marketing blogs really are. That’s just one of the many reasons why posts like this are difficult to rank at the top. I believe that any form of a list, whether it be 10 best, 10 worst, 10 high, 5 low etc. is subjective at best. It all depends on your background and viewpoint.

I am not an expert in Digital Marketing but this is my interpretation of the industry followed by some familiar content creators and a few new sites that I have recently found great information from.

I hope you’ve found this list useful. Build a relationship with these online voices and it will undoubtedly be your ticket to success. I don’t believe you can outsource the process of building relationships with potential customers. You need to spend the time interacting with your readers and followers if you want to gain their trust.

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