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Facebook Marketing Tips for your Small Business

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Facebook Marketing Tips for your Small Business

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media networking sites today, and using it to market your business is a decision any marketers will approve. As Facebook has become one of the leading advertising platforms in social media marketing, it’s becoming more challenging to rise in it, especially when you don’t have the biggest budget as bigger advertisers do. But don’t let this discourage you from taking action to improve your efforts. Here are useful and effective Facebook marketing tips for your small business.

Make Your Cover Photo Pop

When people land on your Facebook page through redirects or links, you have the chance to wow them at first glance. Your cover photo is the first thing that viewers will see – it the best marketing tool you have and it’s free! 

Connect your brand story, services, and unique selling point on your cover photo. Utilize that space smartly and tell an intriguing story that will wow your audience.

Post with Intention

Small businesses need to be more mindful when it comes to communicating with their audiences. Today, we cannot just simply post anything we like on Facebook and hope that everyone will see it. We need to compose messages with intentions and then decide if this post should be boosted with a budget. Use the Facebook Insight tool to determine a good posting rhythm and a mix of content that works well with your audience.

Go On Lives

Facebook lives and lives from other platforms enable you to come to an almost face-to-face interaction with your audience. If you are looking to connect with your fans and followers, Facebook Lives can get you results. This can also boost your engagement! 

Plan and choose a subject to focus on in advance for your live broadcast. Make your title as attractive as possible because this is what people will see in their notification boxes once you go live. Make sure your audio setup is great and that you end your life with a call-to-action.

Here are some ways you can engage with your audience by using Facebook Live:

  • A look through your company’s behind-the-scenes. Take your audience t an adventure to discover how your brand comes to life. Take them to your office, store, or anywhere related to your business.
  • A live Q&A session is a good idea. You can answer anything your followers ask you in this broadcast. You can even ask for questions before the broadcast goes live.
  • A how-to video can be very helpful and insightful to further engage with your fans and let them crave for more of your content.

Join in Facebook Groups Related to your Brand

Aside from Linkedin, you can also do business networking online via Facebook groups. There are countless Facebook groups in different industries, professions, and interests. To join these groups, you can use your account or your business page account. Engage in the conversations in these groups. The more your name is recognized, the more you will be recognized as an industry leader and authority. Be careful not to come across as a hard-seller in your discussions, this is the biggest turn-off to your potential customers.

Facebook Marketing Tips for your Small Business


Create Your Own Group

When you can’t find the ideal group that you are looking for, you can create your own. This group will allow your members to exchange valuable information related to your industry and business. You can publish useful articles and create discussions among your group. However, don’t use this group for promotional purposes, otherwise, people will get discouraged and wouldn’t want to interact with your hard-selling.

Update your Facebook Story

Using the story feature on Facebook makes your business page more casual and more friendly. The content in these stories does not necessarily have to be about company news. They can be fun photos and questions that can generate engagement from your followers. Post stories that can attract your followers to click through and view your profile.

Use Your Facebook Page to Improve Customer Service

Social media is a great tool to connect and engage with your target market. A small business’s relationship with its customers is everything and using Facebook to deal with this will be very helpful. Customers expect an immediate response to their inquiries and this platform is ideal to reply to those queries almost instantly without having the use of bots. This will garner positive reviews from your customers.

Put Your Business on Facebook’s Maps

If your business has a physical location, this feature becomes very useful. Your customers can opt to “check-in” at your store and post it on their timelines. This will display your shop’s location and Facebook business page. Encourage your customers to tag you on their photos by offering them discounts or points every time they visit. This can increase the visibility of your brand towards potential customers that are friends and acquaintances of your existing customers. 


Facebook is more powerful than you think. Marketing in this platform will guarantee improvements in awareness, engagement, and lead generation when you know how to target specifics. Keep your audience in mind when creating content and using these tips. After all, it is them you are looking to attract and persuade. 

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