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10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

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Since the start of 2017, Facebook page engagement has fallen by 20% according to BuzzSumo. But with over 2.5 million active users monthly, Facebook is still the number one social networking site, and this means that your time, efforts, and investment in building and marketing your brand on this platform are still worth it.

In this post, we will share tips to increase your Facebook page engagement that has been proven to work, and all without spending a dime.

Post Less and Focus on Quality over Quantity

Facebook’s algorithm has focused on posts that “spark conversations and interactions”, so just posting a photo with a simple caption every day is not going to be enough. 

Don’t just post for the sake of posting. You can instead post less and focus on the quality of the content that you put out. The more you post, the more likely it is for you to run out of good ideas and high-quality content. Reduce your posting to every other day or even thrice a week to give yourself more time to create strong and relevant content.

Upload Posts at the Right Time

Post when your audience and followers are most active as this instantly increases the likelihood of your posts getting more likes and comments. The key is to not just post at random times and expect to get engagements. Look at your page Insights and make time to assess your audience’s behavior. Understand the data to find out the best times to post on your Facebook page.

Level up Your Photography Game

We all know how important visual content is on social media today. A post without a photo is highly going to be ignored and so, photos are what make up the majority of the content on Facebook. This is why if you want to increase your Facebook page engagement, always go for visual content.

However, in the process of creating visual content, one must keep in mind that the type of images you post will have a difference in terms of performance. Many businesses rely solely on stock photos rather than creating their own. Although this is acceptable, brands should strive to show their business’s personality. Images are powerful tools to get people’s attention to stop their scrolling and actually look at your post. You will never go wrong in a well-composed photograph.

Use Videos

Videos tend to be the highest performers in terms of reach and engagement in social media feeds. Look at your page Insights and analyze how your audience reacts to video posts. If appropriate, you can prioritize video marketing on your page. 

Post videos directly to your Facebook Page to make it easy for your audience to watch and engage in them. Videos that are natively posted on Facebook automatically play as people scrolls through their feed making it easier to catch their attention. Linking a YouTube video is not recommended because if the user needs to click on a link before viewing the content, they are less likely to watch and interact with your post. 

Keep your video short, relevant, and engaging. Be sure to include a caption that’s related to the video because 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. 

Go on a Live

Live videos have become popular in the past year, and it’s a great way to boost your page’s engagement. When your page goes live, all your engaged followers are notified and your live video gets pushed to the top of the newsfeed. This will highly get you more reactions, likes, and comments. After your broadcast, your video will stay on your feed allowing your viewers to further engage in it. According to 99Firms, Facebook Live videos get 10 times more comments than regular videos and produce 6 times as many interactions as traditional videos.


10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement


Make Use of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is free to use, and it gives you a lot of relevant analytics information for you to use on your content planning. Analyze the information it gives you regarding your reach, comments, and reactions to each of your posts. You can use this information on creating your future content strategy. What type of content receives the most engagement? Assess what type of post gets the most engagements with your audience. Maybe videos get better engagements than photos, or maybe your posts with links to relevant articles get more love than just a plain text post. 

Understanding how your audience interacts with your content will make it easier for you to create more content that will increase your Facebook page engagement.

Interact and Engage Back

There’s an expression that goes “You get what you give”, and this applies to social media as well. When your audience takes the time to engage in your post, it’s just basic conduct to engage back with them. 

People want to interact with brands, and so this is the reason why businesses that reply to their audience’s comments gain more interaction and engagement. 

Whenever you get comments and messages, make sure to respond. Thank your audience when they write your brand praises and provide guidance when people ask you questions. 

Ask a Question

One of the best ways to get people to comment on your post is by asking them a question. Kick off a comment thread by asking an interesting question that can generate a conversation. Keep the topic relevant to your brand and engage with the comments you get so that users will feel motivated to interact with you the next time you do this type of post again.

Make Use of User-Generated Content

When your brand or business is tagged or mentioned, it can automatically be made into a Facebook post. Quote the reviews you get and link them to your Facebook page. Got tagged in a great photo on Instagram? Thank the user and ask for their permission to use their photo on your social media channels. 

You can encourage people to make more user-generated content by hosting a giveaway or contest that requires a photo or video submissions related to your brand. You’ll have awesome engagements in no time!

Use Facebook Groups

In recent years, Facebook Groups have grown in popularity. Consider creating a community via a Facebook Group for your loyal fans and followers where they can engage, interact, and connect with each other.

You can make use of this group to share exclusive content through your Facebook page and spark meaningful conversations that will increase your engagement with your loyal audiences.

Use these tips, experiment, and observe what works the best for you, though keep in mind that it might take a while for results to show. There are more ways to increase your Facebook page engagement, but at the end of the day, what matters most is staying true to your brand. 

Do you have tactics you’ve tried and tested to improve your Facebook page engagement? What are some tips that you’d like to try from the ones mentioned above? Comment them down below!

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