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7 Helpful Apps to Have a More Successful Instagram

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7 Helpful Apps to Have a More Successful Instagram

Looking for helpful apps to have a more successful Instagram account? You’re in luck ‘cause that’s what we’re getting at today! 

There are three types of applications to level up your Instagram game namely shooting, editing, and analytics. 

Whistle Cam

The first app we are going to explore is the Whistle Cam. People who use Instagram wants to create great content, but sometimes, they won’t always have someone to help them take their photos. When we do ask for help from others to take our photos, some people wouldn’t really care about the angles and how the output looks. One great app that can help you out is the Whistle Cam.

Instead of using self-timers where you have to always go back and forth to your phone to check it and click the shutter, you can take a picture by simply whistling. You can set the app to take your photo automatically or have a two-second delay after you whistle. You don’t have to press anything to take a photo, just whistle and the phone will pick it up and take a photo.

7 Helpful Apps to Have a More Successful Instagram


Snapseed is a great app to edit and refine your photo, to make it crisper, clearer, and brighter. You can also add a filter to it to make it really pop out. But what makes Snapseed special from any other photo editing apps? What makes Snapseed stand out from others is how user-friendly it is. You can add definition, provide clarity, heighten its ambiance, and have different filter options for your photo.

If you want to tune an image, you can control the brightness. You can also control its saturation, temperature, shadows, and highlights. Snapseed can be daunting at first, but after a little exploring, you’ll learn how easy it is to use. 

Always edit your photos before posting them on any social media platform, especially Instagram. Never just take a photo and post it raw. Slap on a filter, adjust its brightness, or whatever, just refine it. 

Also, Snapseed is purely for editing photos. 


If you are looking for a simple mobile video editor, Videoshop is a great option. It makes combining and syncing multiple videos a breeze. If you are one of those people who feels like they’re not good at editing videos like me, this app will simplify things for you.

Aside from joining multiple videos, this app also allows you to add texts and background music to spice up your output. You don’t have to be an expert to edit videos, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or scared. Videoshop is very easy to use, and you’ll learn in no time!

Repost App

Another useful app is the Repost app, which is used to re-post other people’s content to your own feed. Reposting was mentioned in our previous blog, and it can actually increase your engagements as well as the original content creators. 

Basically, the Repost app allows you to save another person’s content, and then, you can post that on your Instagram as your own content. Just make sure you tag them as the original video provider to give proper credits.


Hashtags are very useful to get your content out to your target audience, but how do you get those unique hashtags to post under your captions? That’s where the app Hashem comes in. With this app, you can literally just post about anything and it will come up with all kinds of hashtags that are related to your keyword. Let’s say you enter the word “reading”. Hashem will then give you other hashtags related to ‘reading’ that you can use on your photo. 


When you are trying to grow your Instagram, one of the many worries you might have is when to upload and post. Thankfully, there’s a literal app that you can use to figure out the best time you should post on your Instagram. 

Knowing when the right time to post is to get your photo out when your followers and viewers are active online so that you’ll get to have more likes, attention, and engagement. This app will determine your best day/s of the week and the best time of the day to post. 

Social Blade

There are a lot of apps today that will show you your Instagram stats, like who your highest follower is, who is the most followed among your followers, and even who’s engaging on your account the most. The app called Social Blade is a great one to look at and track your analytics. If you turn your Instagram into a business account, the app will provide you with your analytics which can be very helpful in planning for content. 

Social Blade shows you how many followers you’re getting per week and how many you’re losing along the way. It also gives you a rank or grade on your social media growth. It will give you very helpful information you can use to tailor how you play your Instagram game.


Wrap Up

With the help of these apps, you’ll be on your way to having a more successful Instagram page. 

Social media changing and ever-evolving, so you must remember to always get on with trends. These helpful apps to have a more successful Instagram are merely tools to help you on your social media journey, the rest is then up to you and your effort.

Good luck!

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