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11 Low Cost Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

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11 Low Cost Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

It doesn’t take a huge corporate budget to compete online. Although many big businesses allot thousands of dollars on their digital marketing strategy, there are low cost digital marketing strategies that small businesses can do.

Here are a number of them:

Running Facebook Ads to Target Specific Audiences

You can use Facebook’s Flex Targeting feature to target specific profiles. With this feature, you can customize a combination of interests, behaviors, and demographics according to your ideal market.

Flex targeting is highly effective to scale up your Facebook Ad Campaigns without blowing up your budget.

Running Ads on Instagram

Want to scale out of Facebook? Instagram is a platform you can display your ads to and you don’t need to have a profile or account because you’ll be managing these ads on your Facebook account. What’s great about Instagram Ads is that they can directly lead the viewers to your landing pages or website.

With the features mentioned at the previous point, you can also target specific profiles that will fit your ideal buyers.

Mobile-Focused Ads

Mobile ads are cheaper compared to desktop ads, so you might get more of your money’s worth if you focus more on mobile-focused ads.

Take Special Care of Your SEO

Analyze the current SEO situation of your website. There are many tools you can use for free online like this one. Find out what keywords you rank for and how frequently they are searched up.

Once you know how your site is doing, you can compare it with your competitors and start making plans for improvement from there.

11 Low Cost Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business


Start A Blog if You Don’t Have One Yet

Blogging is a great way to keep your website updated and relevant. There are over 409 million people reading blogs to this day and yes, the internet is already saturated with content from millions of websites. This is why you need your blogs to be relevant and of high quality to attract readers and draw attention to your website.

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Comment on Other Blogs Related and Relevant to your Field

Once you have a couple of quality blog posts, one tactic you can do for free to get backlinks from reputable sites is by commenting on their content.

Comment on relevant articles and provide a link to your blog. Make sure that your comments are not spammy and are of value. Bloggers love getting comments from their posts and they will likely read them.

Commenting on blogs opens communication and can create opportunities for networking.

Guest Posting on Reputable Blog Sites

Aside from having your own blog, consider posting on other blogs as well. This is a great way to build backlinks. This can be quite a challenge today, but nothing really comes easy, right?

Post and Engage on Social Media

Social media is on boom today and social media app users are almost always active on their platforms every day.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your audience on social media. Aside from posting consistently, don’t forget to engage with your followers to earn their trust. This way, when you post your links, they will be more likely to click them.

Partner with Social Media Influencers

To broaden your brand’s reach, you can partner up with social media influencers who have built a close community. With their integrity, they can help you advertise your products to their followers.

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Repurpose your Content

Content is the foundation of all types of marketing strategies. The beautiful thing about content marketing is that you can use one piece of content and repurpose it in a number of ways for maximum use.

A blog post can be shared to multiple social media platforms with a link back to the post. You can present your content in a visual way by making a video or creating an infographic about it. This is where you need to be creative!

Take Advantage of Online Review Sites

Another low cost digital marketing strategy is to use user-generated content to promote your business. Use your customers’ testimonials and reviews to show off your products and services.

You can use their positive feedback and display them on your website and other marketing materials. For the less positive ones, take them as an opportunity to make it right and provide great customer service.


More and more brands and companies are spending more on their digital marketing but it doesn’t mean that free and low cost digital marketing strategies aren’t effective, because they are still incredibly so.

Take advantage of the free tools you can find online. Use the tactics shown above as your guide to build and boost your empire’s growth.

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